In seventh grade a teacher introduced Saer to music, the rest is history. Now known to the music scene as DJ Slay, he has been working level to level ever since. Coming up from using free basic programs like Fruity Loops, and his first studio booth made out of a couple mattresses; DJ Slay has become one of the best producers/engineers in San Diego. He has the local artist’s praise without a doubt, but his skills could not be contained for long; well-known artists ranging from Kidd Swagg to Gucci Mane have even used his expertise. His passion lies within the 808 drums and faster paced BPM of the Trap scene, but he is not discouraged by any other genre. His main focus, while constantly working with the other projects dropped at his doorstep, is Vizion Records. He founded the independent record label with Max four years ago and since then has signed three other artists and contracted another fifteen people for merchandise, photography, promotion, and more. What was once just a dream has grown into an ever-expanding business, because of this young CEO’s determination and love for music. DJ Slay is a force not soon to be stopped, with plenty of shows and projects in the works and many more not even put to paper yet we will see great things from this producer/engineer for a long time coming.

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