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Max Vizion

Raised in the heart of SD with a supportive family, Max has worked hard to attain his goals. Through sports he was given the name Money Maxx where he was first recognized as a hard working individual. His passion for things have excelled him to new heights especially now with his investment within music. Starting from the block with a $20 mic his lyrical power proved to be worthy. In 2008 he made a song called “Smooth as Suede” which was the start of a succesful trend. To date nearly 100 songs have been mastered. In times of crises, music was therapy. His focus was heavy with passion in order to relieve his father’s death in 2010. It was a passion he had never felt before; Pops love and guidance close to his heart he knew that he stood for something. In 2011 he linked up with a respected producer/engineer “DJ Slay”, from northern San Diego. The first official mixtape “The Perfect Storm” was released after 4 months.. Now the 21 year old phenom is working on growing as a person and an artist and expecting big things for his future.



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