Trip, whose real name is Kerry Krotzer, was born on February 16th, 1990 in San Diego, California. His roots originated in a small suburban neighborhood located between La Mesa and El Cajon called San Carlos. During adolesence, Trip spent time with friends whom he had met while they were toddlers living on the same street. In 2007 he wrote his first verse and was eager to record it. Like his label-mate, Trip purchased a USB micrphone and started to record his own songs while playing the instrumental through the speakers. Although he was rediculed for being a white rapper, the pure adrenaline and bliss that soon followed became like an addiction. Six years later Trip has continued to progress through work ethic and dedication while using his passion as the driving force to light a path to success. In January of 2013 Trip was signed as an artist to the Vizion Records which consisted of rapper B-Mar, Money Maxx and Producer/Engineer Dj Slay. After facing hardships within his family & his own mistakes, Trip stopped writing lyrics from his mind, & started composing his music from his heart & experiences. Today he an aspiring artist destined to become someone influential.

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